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Winter League R3 2011

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunday 4th December

Simon Allen could not believe his luck when he waited for the last peg to be left and drew peg 17 for the second week running. Once again Simon pole fished just off the ledge to find the slabs and record a hat trick of victories.  The fishing was a lot slower than in previous weeks and with high winds, heavy showers and water the colour of coffee the silverfish were definitely not in the mood for feeding.  Ady Larkins did find a few of small carp and a slab from peg 19 to bank a creditable 10lbs on the day.  A slab and two roach, all taken on quiver tipped bread flake from beg 15 was enough to see Derek Foster into third spot on the day and sneak him into tenth place in the overall league.  It was groans all around from the Second Basin where the fishing was hard, Dave Allen and Nathan Underwood book ended the section with 2lb 4ozs apiece from the end pegs.

With a big turnout expected for the Fur and Feather it will be crucial for the league leaders to get a result next Sunday, here's wishing you all a good draw on the morning.    

  1. Simon Allen                     19lb 2oz      Peg 17
  2. Ady Larkins                     10lb 2oz     Peg 19
  3. Derek Foster                      5lb           Peg 15
  4. Adrian Hill                          3lb 3ozs  Peg 18
  5. Nathan Underwood          2lb 4ozs   Peg 28
  6. Dave Allen                          2lb 4oz    Peg 32
  7. Duncan Edwards                      15oz Peg 30
  8. Dick Turner                              14ozs Peg 31
  9. Kevin Hill                                     8ozs Peg 29
  10. Paul Braund                                3ozs Peg 14
  11. Len Codlin                                    --    Peg 16

Next Winter League Match:  Fur and Feather Sunday 11th December, Advanced booking only.

Winter League Points

  1. Simon Allen                   38
  2. Nathan Underwood      29
  3. Adrian Hill                     28
  4. Len Codlin                     22
  5. Ady Larkins                  21
  6. Dave Allen                     20.5
  7. Duncan Edwards          19
  8. Dick Turner                  15.5
  9. Kevin Hill                      14
  10. Derek Foster                13
  11. Paul Braund                  11
  12. Mike Bowden                 9
  13. Doug Genini                   8
  14. Tony Johns                    7
  15. Mark Richards              3
  16. Jean Bowden                 3