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Pairs League Final Round 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Pairs League Round 9

Sunday 21st September

With the Indian Summer continuing everyone enjoyed another very hot and still day.  It was the Pairs League Champions elect the Halwill Hustlers who were making all the hay as for the second match running they topped out both sections to score maximum points.  Nathan Underwood (16lbs+) and Ian Gray (11lbs+) netted skimmers consistently throughout the day, both using the pole to good effect with Ian getting most of his fish on the inside line.  The only challenge came from the Brendon All Stars where Matt Sampson netted a 9lb carp, lost another, and still found 5lbs of silvers for a 14lbs+ bag.  Partner Tony Hilias  bagged 6lbs+ of skimmers which was enough for them to secure second place.  Consistent catches from Dick Turner and Duncan Edwards saw New Team Faint Heart home in third place as other Teams failed to get two good results together.

A poor day for the Codfathers who had been challenging for the league title all season was compounded with Me and My Boy pipping them for third place in the league by just 2 points.

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
1 New Halwill Hustlers N Underwood 16lb 15ozs 14 I Gray 11lb 4oz 33 18
2 Brendon All Stars M Sampson 14lb 8ozs 13 T Hilias 6lb 8oz 34 12
3 New Team Faint Heart D Edwards 4lb 15ozs 16 D Turner 6lb 12oz 31 10
=4 The Tiscott Boys T Johns 2lb 14oz 17 P Braund 7lb 2oz 30 9
=4 Me and My Boy S Allen 11lb 15oz 20 D Allen 3lb 8oz 27 9
6 The Lager Louts A Larkins 5lb 10ozs 15 K Hill 2lb 32 6
=7 The Codfathers L Codlin 11ozs 18 S Hockaday 5lb 13oz 29 5
=7 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 4lb 14oz 19 P Giles 3lb 4oz 28 5

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 New Hallwill Hustlers (9) 64.5
2 Me and My Boy (9) 53
3 The Codfathers (9) 51
4 Bude Bay Pirates (9) 46
=5 New Team Faint Heart (8) 44.5
=5 Tiscott Boys (9) 43
7 Brendon All Stars (9) 42.5
8 The Lager Louts (8) 41
9 Old Guys (6) 15
10 Norma/Len H (3) 4
11 Carp or Bust (2) 0