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Summer League R8 2019


Sunday 11th August, Summer League R8 - BR Autospares Wag n Mag Adrian Hill made it back to back wins as he found he skimmers in the Second Basin and bagged close to 15lbs to win the annual Wag 'n Mag match. With Simon Allen crashing out on peg 28...

Volunteers Needed


Learn to Fish Southwest - Whalesborough Lake This coming Saturday (17th August) a team of 3 Angling Trust Coaches will be holding coaching sessions at Whalesborough Lake, they already have 30 people booked in. The coaches are requesting volunteers from Bude Canal Angling Association members to be on hand during...

Pairs League R6 2019


Pairs League Round 6 - Stu Bell Trophy Sunday 4th August The legendary Stu Bell Trophy saw a close competition as the Second Basin outfished the Lower Basin. Peter Giles found the bigger skimmers and from just 12 bites amassed an 8lbs 7oz bag, partner Adrian Hill had a creditable...

Summer League R7 2019


Sunday 26th July, Summer League R7 - Falcon Cup The hot and bright conditions favoured the Lower Basin with the top five weights coming from that section. Adrian Hill switched between methods to keep bagging the silvers throughout the day. Simon Allen four pegs away was doing likewise but Adrian...

Summer League R6 2019


Charity Match, Sunday 14th July: With the skimmer bags improving over recent weeks everyone was ready for pegs 33 and 34 to sack up, but the clear blue skies and gentle breeze saw everyone struggle in the annual charity competition. £130 was raised on the day, thankyou everyone. A 14lb...

Evening Pairs League R5


Pairs League Round 5 Tuesday 9th July . . Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts 1 Me and My Boy S Allen 3lbs 15oz 15 D Allen 12lb 9oz 29 13 =2 Lynstone Lads S Whitehouse 5lb 6oz 17 M Gratton 5lbs 12oz 27...

Summer League R5 2019


Martin Group Shield, Sunday 7th July: With pegs 19 and 20 becoming infamous for their lack of weights in recent contests they were left out on Sunday, only for pegs 17 and 18 to top the weights in that section as the higher end of the Lower Basin outfished the...

Evening Pairs League R4


Pairs League Round 4 Tuesday 25th June It was a 'full house' for the Brendon All Stars as they maxed out the points to win Tuesday's evening pairs league. Matt Sampson bagged 7lbs 11oz of silvers off end peg 12 to win the Lower Basin whilst partner London Tone Hillas...

Summer League R4 2019


Summer League Round 4, Sunday 23rd June: There was a distinct lack of big fish as the match was characterised by nets of roach perch and small skimmers. Steve Whitehouse fished the short pole to bag just short of 8lbs of redfins and perch off peg 15 for the win...

Summer League R3 2019


Summer League Round 3, Sunday 9th June: In the first three matches Tony Hillas has dropped only a single point from the maximum 59 available. He continued his hot streak with a double figure haul of skimmers from peg 30 using pole and waggler tactics to win. Bude's favourite tourist,...

Evening Pairs R3


Pairs League Round 3 Tuesday 4th June Team Carp or Bust won the first evening pairs league of the season without landing a single carp! However, Matt Peperell bagged three slabs using his favoured carp tactics carp tactics to dominate the Lower Basin section whilst partner Ryan Willshire fished wag'n...

Summer League R2 2019


Summer League Round 2, Tom King Memorial Trophy, Sunday 2nd June: If Tony Hillas had not missed the keepnet with a 1lb skimmer then he would have topped 20lbs, lucky for him he had plenty in hand. Fishing end peg 47 he kept a succession of skimmers coming using the...

Presentation Evening 2019


IMG_9326.jpg IMG_9327.jpg IMG_9325.jpg IMG_9323.jpg IMG_9320.jpg IMG_9318.jpg IMG_9316.jpg IMG_9314.jpg IMG_9312.jpg IMG_9310.jpg IMG_9307.jpg IMG_9306.jpg IMG_9304.jpg IMG_9303.jpg IMG_9299.jpg IMG_9296.jpg Some Photo's from the evening. Big thanks to Helen for the excellent photography under difficult circumstances!

Summer League R1 2019


Summer League Round 1, Monica Jones Cup, Sunday 19th May: For the record, 24 anglers fished the corresponding competition in 2017 and banked 58lbs 4ozs of fish, two less fished last year and banked 84lbs 8ozs, and one less fished this year and banked 119lbs. Even if you take the...

Pairs League R2 2019


Pairs League Round 1 Sunday 5th May . Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts 1 Me and My Boy D Allen 4lb 7oz 14 S Allen 12lb 4oz 55 13 2 Lager Louts A Larkins 10lb 8oz 15 K Hill 1lbs 13oz 67 11...